December 26, 2018

Begin again

So it has been some time since last I scribbled anything for the web-crawlers to index. It is time though, not only since it is a great way to contribute to the heap of nonsense that the Internet are. But also since it is a good time to yet again start writing things. I am a humble man and as such this will not be an attempt at reaching for the stars. Good old quality posts with a attempt at keeping some measure of digestable information.


Many of the web-crawlers would know that this page changes every now and then, the same content is re-uploaded and for a short time some activity can be gleaned before it yet again trickles down to nothing. Not saying this will be any different. More to the point this page is different, the content or author will have changed little.

One thing that always changes is the technology behind all the words rendered in the browser window. This time I have gone full-cloud, even serverless! Such web 3.5!


Before a website can respond to any requests a domain name need to be in place, in this case we are using Cloudflare (Free) to manage the domains. This is both to have a Registrar and Domain-name service provider that focuses on privacy, security and being awesome.

To generate the static HTML pages the application called Hugo is utilized. Mostly due to the fact that Jekyll is not available in any easy manner on my Operating System. With the generated pages uploaded to a github repository the last piece of the puzzle (github-pages) serves the content.

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