Have another MMORPG

Since E3 is now over one should rejoice over the upcoming cavalcade of games with new awesome graphics, cool new protagonists and content. But to be frank this has been a years  of disappointment, first Disney decides to axes and sells Lucasart which boiled down to the fact that Star Wars 1313 was dropped. Although the release of Dragon Age 3 is now official we will have to wait another year before we can play that game.

But the largest and most profound letdown of the entire year must be the earlier rumored Elder-scrolls Online becoming a reality. Walking in the footsteps of great games like Aion, Conan and not to be forgotten Star-Wars Old republic. None of them known for the hordes of players nor their sustainability.

In the end I am a gamer whom like to have my games in either cooperative or single player rather then grind-core-2000. Mostly since I feel that I do not want to burn hours and hours to get that “cool knife” nor “to complete that quest”. Give me Skyrim, Mass Effect or Dragon Age any day.

So if one wanted a storyline driven game like aforementioned, one has to be patient. We waited for Duke Nukem for 13 years, have waited over 4 years for Half-Life 2 Episode 3 (more games in the episodic format my behind Gabe!) so waiting until the series one like comes around for the next round is perhaps not a long wait after all.