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Containers everywhere

In the last couple of years the usage of container based "stacks" has become very popular. This is in essence a new method of creating a packaged application that can be hosted easily on any compute node. In simpel terms you package your entire application together with any dependency it needs into a blob file. Then a compute node hosts the container(s) in separated jails.


In the case of the services I need there is little to no real reason to use any container based service, mostly since that will create complexity rather then simplicity. Due to my firm belief in "Keep It Simple Stupid" this has barred any project that could potentially use containers from emerging. So to solve this stalemate the idea of running websites inside a container emerged. Here we can keep the simplicity in the whole stack, from writing the rows of the blogg to the automated(ish) deployment of the sites on a server. So the workflow becomes; Write pure HTML5, package this into a simple container with a webserver. That is it, more or less. A couple of commands later and the container should build and be ready to start.

Reality - inside the container

So to dive into more of the details; we first need to decide upon how to write the actual content. Then to host said content we need a server and to top everything off a basic image for the above to live on. In the case of B-landia I have always preffered plain HTML(5), as a webserver Nginx and due to the small footprint AlpineOS. This takes care of our basic needs we now only need a compute node and we are golden.

Reality - outside the container

Since we are now portable the only additional resource needed is a compute node. In the case of my websites we host those with a local service provider with resonable pricing.

In conclusion

The above setup can be found under guides with a more technical, in depth, description of the methodology used. The current deploycycle is not finished so neither will the guide be but you might get a pointer or two out of this.

2018-04-02 15:00 - Joakim Dellrud


In a web of things
Keeping it clean

Recently several social websites have come under the gun due to how they manage their users data. Or to be more exact how they sell said data to earn money for their stockholders. This should not come as a suprise, no large site demands any payment for the usage of their service. In the case of Facebook it is more or less nothing but a survey where the participants by more or less obvious methiods are forced into divulgeing personal prefrences. This has been know since the founder decided that they should earn money rather then use venture capital.

So what?

A couple of months before the whole Facebook debacle I personally decided to secure my online footprint somewhat. In essance this is to make sure that the image of me is the same (literally) everywhere. From any of the bigger social media sites, to Github, Keybase or any of the other hangout spots that pops up on the everchangeing landscape of the Internet. It has less to do with what future employers will find about me and more about keeping consistency. It also ensures that the information to be found is limited.

2018-03-39 21:00 - Joakim Dellrud