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Meaning no disrespect, sir, but there’s no way in the Good Lord’s fucking universe that anyone can bar accidents or the unexpected.

Dan Simmons Endymion


One of the human conditions is our will to explore the unknown, our curiosity for the unexplained. Our irresistible yearning for knowledge. The mind that tries and fails and tries again. Our will to solve the problems, find logic in chaos and to have fun.


We do not only believe in Open when it comes to Linux but to the free and available knowledge to all. Free information creates and grows with those whom are teached and will benefit more if shared rather then collected.


As with all Linux we love Opensource. But since we are neither coders nor creators we only have our knowledge to share with others. So our contribution to the Opensource community is this site.


Linux enthusiast by day and nerd by night. Also a avid reader and of course love everything Star Wars. Sometimes a cabin dweller, usually found in Sweden. Sometimes found chatting on #[email protected]


All comments, opinions and outbursts on this website are attributed to the author. They are not in anyway related to any former or current employer, employers staff or similar. All content are used at your own peril. If you should follow guides on this site and in any way harm/impeed or otherwise maim your hardware/software please feel free to blame yourself. Yee have been warned.


All content on this site is Creative-Commons Attribution share alike (Link). In short use the content in any way you choose. If you feel that content on the site should be referenced according to the above please contact me and the same goes for content you wish to have removed.


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